Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Southern MN Bench Press Championships
2016 Results 7-22-16 Dungeon's Gym east

98 Pound and under class
1. Jan Mielke Sleepy Eye MN 115 pounds

98.25 to 110
Stacie Amsden Springfield MN 110 pound
Renella Jackson Brookings SD 105

110.5 to 122
Amy Jo Kunkel Sleepy Eye MN 100 pounds
Jenny Wolter Blaine MN 95 pounds

122.25 to 134
1.Amy Kral Sleepy Eye MN 120 pounds
2.Janice Miller Brookings SD 105 pounds
3.Cathy Hunts Brookings SD 100 pounds

134.23 to 146
Jason Blank Sleepy Eye MN 195 pounds
Jim Miller Brookings SD 165 pounds

146.25 to 158
1.Mark Ellingson Fridley MN 225 pounds
2.Andrew Beckman Springfield MN 190 pounds
Alex O’Brien Watertown SD 135 pounds

146.25 to 158
Jenn Pankratz Marion SD 135 pounds
Becki Herzog Sleepy Eye MN 135 pounds
Arianna Emmons Mankato MN 120 pounds
Kim Miller Brookings SD 115 pounds

158.25 to 170
Derek Swoboda Mt Lake / Mankato 305 pounds
Ryan Ellen Brookings SD 225 pounds

170.25 to 182
Andrea Helget Sleepy Eye MN 135 pounds
Teri Lang Springfield MN 130 pounds
Beth Steffl Springfield MN 120 pounds
Denise Clemons Mankato MN 115 pounds

182.25 to 194
1. Shaun Heiderscheidt Sleepy Eye MN 315 pounds
Nathan Ziegler Mankato MN 315 pounds
Montana Mielke Sleepy Eye MN 275 pounds
Marshall Mielke Sleepy Eye MN 225 pounds

198.25 to 220
1.Andrew Windschitl Sleepy Eye MN 250 pounds
2, Nate Hussiman Fulda MN 235 pounds

198.25 to 220
Richard Olson Seattle WA 230 pounds
Harris Solma Sleepy Eye MN 205 pounds
Jim Johnson Mankato MN 185 pounds

198.25 to 220
Mike Walden Sleepy Eye MN 230 pounds

220.25 to 232
Brent Mielke Sleepy Eye MN 385

220.25 to 232
Paul Bonham Sleepy Eye 250 pounds
Mark Miller Brookings SD 230 pounds

232.25 to 244
1.Adam Graham Sleepy Eye MN 210 pounds
Al Laung Mankato MN 205 pounds

244.25 to 254
Nikki Flipp Sleepy Eye MN 125 pounds

Over 254.25
Amber Lewis Pawnee City NE 160 pounds

Over 275.25
Jason Ries Pawnee City NE 505 pounds

I broke these down by weight.....not ages...

One Record Jason Ries Meet Record and State Record

Biggest Bench
Amber and Jason

Saturday, March 26, 2016

2016 IBPA Southern Minnesota Squat Championships

2016 IBPA Southern Minnesota Squat Championships
March 26, 2016

Host: Dungeon's  Gym
Sleepy Eye MN

Although a Blizzard came through our area just a few days ago...and the heavy snow moved east and south ...the weather did affect our turn out...several athletes could not make the meet due to the snow and Easter Weekend.  But for those who showed it was a good time. The IBPA Southern MN Squat Championships is always held the the Saturday in March.

Meet Results

Brent Mielke 198 pound class
1st in the 55-59 Squat 315

Jan Mielke 98 pound and under class
1st in the 55-59 Squat 185 New State Record

Harris Solma 180 pound class
1st in the 50-54 Squat 295

Quinten Mack 180 pound class
1st in the 20-24 Squat 345

Amy Jo Kunkel 121 pound class
1st in the 40-44 Squat 180 New State Record

Amy Kral 121 pound class
1st in the 25-29 Squat 265 New State Record

Becki Herzog 154 pound class
1st in the 40-44 Squat 285 New State Record

Kaitlyn Krzmarzick 135 pound class
1st in the 15-17 Squat 245 New State and National IBPA Record

Taylor Solma 275 and over pound class
1st in the 21-25 Squat 365

Beth Steffl 175 pounds class
1st in the 30-34 Squat 195

Friday, May 8, 2015

Hello All IBPA Power Lifters

I will be updating this website with all new records and upcoming meets very soon.

One excuse for not updating... time is limited for me. If you are a promoter please send updates to me and I will post them. I enjoy hosting and promoting events...but time to post all results is limited. I will try harder. Please forgive me for not updating quickly.

June 25 2015  is The Southwest Minnesota Bench Press Championships
At Dungeon's Gym East
Medals for top three is each class
$10 per lifter

507-766-2523 for info

Updates Record Holders

Updated Record Holders
State of Minnesota New Record Holders

Sam Lund
Age Class 20-29 years old
Weight Class 125

Bench Press         195 pounds
Dead Lift             320 pounds
Squat                    325 pounds
Total                    840 pounds

Brent Mielke
Age Class 50-59
Weight Class 198
May 24, 2014
Bench Press Reps 22 @ 225 pounds

Troy Bellrichard
Age Class 40-49
Weight Class 250
May 24, 2014
Bench Press Reps 27 @ 225 pounds

Marshall Mielke
Age Class 15-19
Weight 165
May 31, 2104
Dead Lift 275 pounds

Jason Blank
Age Class 30--39
Weight Class 142
May 24, 2104
Bench Press  165 pounds 
Dead Lift         320 pounds

James Beck
Age  Class 30-39
Weight Class 198
June 28, 2014
Bench Press 405 pounds

Derrick Monroe
Age Class 40-49 years old
Weight Class 240 
Bench Press 425 pounds
DeadLift      490 pound
Squat           450 pounds
Total           1365 pounds

Ron Monroe
Age Class 40-49 years old
Weight Class 250
Bench Press  415 pounds
Dead Lift       480 pounds
Squat             470 pounds
Total             1365 pounds

State Of South Dakota

Brent Mielke
Age Class 50-59
Weight Class 198
Bench Press     360  pounds

Shaun Heiderscheidt
Age Class 30-39
Weight Class 220

Bench Press     350 pounds

Friday, August 10, 2012

2012 IBPA Tournament Of Shadows Bench Press And Dead Lift Championships

October 27 2012
Meet Director Brent Mielke
Sleepy Eye MN
Dungeon's Gym East

2012 Tournament Of Shadows Bench Press And Dead Lift Championships
8 a.m. Weighs
9:15 a.m. Meet Starts
3 Benches
2 Dead Lift Plat Forms

Women's and Men's Classes
$35 for one lift
$55 for both lifts

Call 507-794-6197 for more info

All Info here:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 IBPA Southern Minnesota Bench Press Championships

Calling all power lifters to Sleepy Eye Minnesota June 23 , 2012
for the
7th Annual IBPA Southern Minnesota Bench Press Championships

Meet will be held at Dungeon's Gym East

Weighs In 7:30 a.m.
Meeting at 8 a.m.
Meet will start right after the meeting

Call 507-794-6197 for details.

7th Annual 2012 IBPA Southwest Minnesota Bench Press Championships

Mark The Date On Your Calendar: Plan to attend this year's meet. Top three in each division qualify for IBPA NAtionals. This meet is all raw.

June 23rd 2012

It is Time for




This year the IBPA Southwest Minnesota Bench Press Championships will be held in Dungeon's Gym East Power Lifting Room.

145 East Main Street Sleepy Eye MN 56085
(So you can map quest it ! )

Weight Classes:
Male: 104 pounds and under, 123 lbs , 132 lbs, 148 lbs, 165 lbs, 181 lbs, 198 lbs, 220 lbs, 242 lbs, 275 lbs, Super HWT.

(11 weight classes for the gentlemen )

Females: 104 pounds and under 104.25 lbs to 114 lbs, 114.25 lbs to 123 lbs, 123.25 to 132 lbs, 132.25 to 148, 148.25 to 165, 165.25 to 198, and 198.25 and over

( 8 weight classes for the ladies )

Pre Teen
Teen I (12-15)
Teen II (16-19)
Novice I (20-24)
Novice II (25-29)
Sub Masters (30-39)
Master I (40-49)
Master II (50- 59)
Master III (60-69)
Master IIII (7O and over )

Awards: 1st through 5th place trophies
Entry Fee: $35.00 before June 9th and $45 after June 6th
Please send in your registration early to guarantee a trophy. I will try my best to make sure everyone comes home with an award. Please enter by June 6th if possible.


1 Competitors must pre-register for the competition before lifting.

2. Wear snug fitting clothes.

3. Both feet must stay flat on the ground.

4. The head is to remain in contact with the bench and the buttock must stay on the bench.

5. Lift offs are allowed-arms must be straight at the start and at the end of the lift.

6.During the lift, the weight will be lowered to the chest and paused until a press signal is given, then you may press the bar off the chest and lock the arms straight

7. You may rack the bar only when the rack signal has been given. If at any time during the lift, the bar dips harshly to one side or the other, an illegal lift call will be given.

8. When giving your next bench weight to the scoring table, remember that you can only request a heavier lift, not a lighter one.

9. Bring your cameras to capture your special moments.

10. Have fun and cheer everyone on.

11. Bring a friend or two to watch.

12. No chalk will be provided. Bring your own and please be neat.

Simple 2012 IPBA Southwest Minnesota Bench Press Championships Entry Form:




State: ______________Zip:___________

E-mail: ____________________________


Gym and city where you workout: ________________________________


Weigh class:______________________


Projected First Attempt: _____________

Mail a your check of $35 and entry form to:

Brent Mielke
109 Linden Street SE
Sleepy Eye MN 56085

Admission charged for all non lifters: $5